Outline - Two Weeks; Hurricane for Four Days III. Severe...

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"When Disaster Strikes" Introduction: September of the year 1989 marked a time of fear, disbelief, and loss to millions of human beings. Category 5 Hurricane Hugo devastated the West Indies and Southeastern United States, with plenty of the damage going to South Carolina and its cities of Charleston and Myrtle Beach. Hugo caused approximately 10.9 billion dollars in damages, the most ever by a hurricane up to that date. Although things have seemed to return to normal, no one will ever forget the social, environmental, and economical costs that Hugo laid upon us. I. Hurricane Hugo's Maximum Power A. Intensified to Category 5 B. Central Pressure: 27.58 inches; Millibars: 918 C. Reached Wind Gusts in Excess of 220 Mph D. 11th Strongest Hurricane to Ever Hit the U.S. II. Formation and Path of Destruction A. Began to Form on September 11 B. Passed Through 5 Main Areas 1. United States 2. Puerto Rico 3. U.S. Virgin Islands 5. Montserrat C. Lasted
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Unformatted text preview: Two Weeks; Hurricane for Four Days III. Severe Financial Deficit A. Costliest Hurricane in U.S. History in It's Time B. Between $4 billion and $10.5 billion Dollars in Damage 1. $5+ Billion in South Carolina 2. $700 Million in the Virgin Islands 3. $500 Million in Puerto Rico C. $580 Million Dispatched from U.S. to Help Virgin Islands IV. Casualties A. Up to 60 Deaths 1. 20+ in Mainland U.S. 2. 20+ in Carribean B. Hundreds of Others Injured V. Environmental & Social Catastrophe A. Too Much Water 1. 5 to 7-inch Torrential Downpours 2. Up to 20 Foot Storm Surges B. Cities and Islands Almost Wiped Out 1. 80% of Charleston's Buildings Were Damaged 2. 90% of Montserrat's Homes Were Destroyed C. U.S. Controlled Islands Mauled By Storm 1. Saint Thomas 2. Saint Croix Conclusion: This once perceived innocent "tropical wave" which turned out to become a monster of a storm will be embedded into our minds for a long period of time to come....
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Outline - Two Weeks; Hurricane for Four Days III. Severe...

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