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ACG4401 - SAPMSMIS Homework

ACG4401 - SAPMSMIS Homework - a service by a certain date...

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SAPMSMIS.FU.EDU (C08), Client 401, ISM 3153, Spring 2009 21 SAP Procurement Homework Name:__________________________ SAP Userid #:___________________ Date:_______________________ 1. What is your purchasing requisition number? 10008969 2. What is your purchase order number? 4500007965 3. Who is your vender? What is the vender code ? C.E.B. Berlin - 1000 4. What is your document number of your purchase order goods receipt ? 5000003565 5. What is the document number of your purchase order invoice? 5105603415 6. What is the document number of your outgoing payment for your purchase order? What is the dollar amount? 1500004330 – 37209.20 7. List steps for a procurement cycle. The purchasing department of a company must be instructed to order supplies or procure
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Unformatted text preview: a service by a certain date by creating a purchase requisition. The company and vendor agree upon a quantity of material, price, and delivery date in the legally binding form of a purchase order. The received materials must be processed in order to receive the material into inventory and update the quantity records for the material by creating a goods receipt. Next, an invoice receipt is created to link between the Materials Management and the Financial Accounting, Controlling, and Asset Accounting components of the Materials Management system. When the payment is due, you must c lear the invoice amount by posting an outgoing payment using the bank account of your chart account....
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