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Working with Tables A B C D E F 1 THIS IS A CELL 2 It can hold text It can hold characters It can hold graphics 3 Cells have an address based on their row and column. This is cell A3 It can hold numbers Like the Euro 4 775.85 1235533.00 1236308.85 ←This is a formula To create a table, on the Insert tab click the drop down arrow below the word Table and select the number of rows and the number of columns you wish to have in your table. The table above has 7 columns and 5 rows (the first row does not have a number in it, but it is still a row. Notice that when you click on a table, two new tabs appear on your ribbon – for Table Design and Table Layout
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Unformatted text preview: You can also draw a table by using the cursor or use the Quick Tables feature to choose a pre-designed table. When you click on the top left corner of the table you can select the entire table – notice the icon which appears – like ÷ with a box around it. If you click on that, your cursor changes to a double arrow, and you can edit the entire table contents or select only one row or cell or column. To edit or delete the entire table design, or to remove cells, click on the Layout or Design tabs on the ribbon....
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