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TAKE HOME ASSIGNMENT March 1, 2010 Type (or copy and paste) the following paragraphs and make corrections/changes as necessary. You may work on this assignment in teams and help each other, but each person must submit their own assignment via the Moodle site: Purpose: Position cursor, make capital with shift key Directions: Change the lower case letters to capitals where necessary . 1. mr. martin, our teacher, works at the mli. 2. people in the united arab emirates should try to learn some english. 3. major hamid and i will meet captain obeid at the hilton. Purpose: Double click a word, cut and paste it to a new position Directions: One word in each sentence is out of order. Double click on it, cut it, and paste it in its correct position. 1. Where you will go tonight? 2. What he is doing with my car keys? 3. Why they are looking at their books? This is a test! Purpose: To use the research function Directions: Using the research option (on the review tab), look up the words highlighted in BOLD. Copy and paste one of the Encarta Dictionary definitions into the page below the paragraph. . Exercise Tips for Seniors Source: The Care Guide Although the amount and degree of exercise may depend on the level of physical health, seniors do need to exercise . Exercising can help seniors feel better and enjoy life more. It can also help
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This note was uploaded on 03/17/2010 for the course ACCOUNTING acct 4360 taught by Professor Robert during the Spring '10 term at DeVry Colorado Springs.

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