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Intro to Philosophy - Intro to Philosophy Dr. Simmonds Aug...

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Intro to Philosophy Dr. Simmonds Aug 8, 2007 Identification of Wordly Wisdom Philosophers 1. Philosopher: David Hume Time- April 26, 1711 –August 25, 1776 Place - Edinburgh , Scotland Contribution- At an early age of eighteen David Hume made a metaphysical breakthrough about the theory of causality. Hume was a Western Philosopher in the 18 th century. who used the analytic method and David Hume is known for his modern philosophy through his pragmatic views.Influenced by Berkeley and Locke he was initially a historian who Source: ( 2. Philosopher: The Buddha ( Siddhartha Guatama) Time - 563- 483 B.C.E. Place- India; flourished in Ganges Valley, today is known as Nepal Contribution- The Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Guatama is the founder of Buddhism and the supreme Buddha. His dedication to find the “origin and cause of evils and the power to root them up” ( Bonevac, 169) was due to his experience of enlightenment. Eventually he became a spiritual teacher, preaching to his disciples about the “Middle way” and how to reach nirvana. However, his teachings were passed down by his disciples. Source : ( 3. Philosopher: John Locke Time- August 29, 1632 -October 28, 1704 Place- England; flourished in the town of Wrington and Somerset Contribution- During the Enlightenment Locke was known as the most influential British Empiricist Philosopher. Locke’s two most renowned works are An essay Concerning Human Understanding and Second Treatise on Civil Government
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Intro to Philosophy - Intro to Philosophy Dr. Simmonds Aug...

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