Anthro assignment 2

Anthro assignment 2 - not legally allowed to pray because...

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Ryan Paur January 14, 2010 Anthro 110; MWF 2-50 In light of Reverence Indigenous Views Wintu tribe has been living and worshiping the land south of mount Shasta for over one thousand years. This land was part of their religion. The white man ravaged the tribes in the Wintu tribe killing somewhere around 1/20 th of their original population The wintu tribe uses sacred spots along the Mccloud River as part of the training for their doctor and white men now patrolled these areas making it impossible to train By putting a ski resort on mount Shasta waste will contaminate the springs and bring outsiders to their sacred church site. The Native Americans want to preserve the land and its natural beauty, not make money off it. Dominant culture They built a damn on the Mccloud River as a way to produce alternative energy. The land that the Native Americans have been living on is public land so they don’t have the right to prevent outsiders from being on the land. Also they are
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Unformatted text preview: not legally allowed to pray because its public land. • By putting a resort on the mountain investors can draw in people looking for that natural beauty and feel that the mountain can provide. • Hippy’s want to use the sacred ground because it is public ground and they believe spiritually they connect with the land. In Whose Honor Indigenous View • A student feel angry and embarrassed after she sees her peoples ritual symbol used at sporting events • The eagle feather head dress is something to be wore as a sign of power • You must earn the right to wear the head piece and you must respect who wears it, not a mascot Dominant Culture • University of Illinois says its okay that they use their mascot symbol because its been their tradition to use it for over 70 years • Inspires the students and faculty by bringing them together • Having the chief as their mascot is an honor given to the Indian people...
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Anthro assignment 2 - not legally allowed to pray because...

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