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Ryan Paur 02/04/10 Anthro 110; MWF 2-50 Question #1 An anthropologist’s task is to clear all preconceived thoughts about a culture so they may look at it from the eyes of those who practice it. Common practices used are immersing ones self in to another’s culture, to put themselves in their shoes. Others choose to stand by and witness a culture, making observations from an outsiders view without partaking. And yet others could not directly witness or be a part of the culture but would have to imagine what it was like through stories and pictures. The same methods can be used with a slightly different style and with other methods to maximize the results as showed in these anthropologist stories. John Derby became just another one of people living in within Banaras battered walls. He tried to immerse himself into their culture to get the best understanding of it. He spent nine months living in India as an effort to find more information on spirit possession. Her plan was to go to a similar Muslim shrine to the one she witnessed a dead uncle posses his niece in a previous visit. “I planned to interview the children and their families and write about the cause of possession” (Derby, 5). This plan changed however when he became friends with a shop owner and his employee. John switched his interest to observing Thomas, the shop owner, and Mohun, his employee. He started to spend his days in Thomas’s shop with his tape recorder and journal, where he wrote about what they did. John was even able to bring Thomas business and in return Thomas and Mohun taught him Hindi and about their business. “It was through the daily contact that I came to understand
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the evil eye” (Derby, 7). John learned through mostly observation and living the lifestyle. John was casual with
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Anthro Essay - Ryan Paur 02/04/10 Anthro 110; MWF 2-50...

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