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8 - Ryan Paur January 5 2010 Anthropology 110 Value 1 The...

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Ryan Paur January 5, 2010 Anthropology 110 Value 1) The Masai people value marriage as a Polygyny relationship. Marriage is not the same love relationship as our culture, but rather a social and status connection. Having more wives means fewer duties for each individual wife making them happier. A successful male in the Masai village has four wives. One of the village elders had seven wives who bore twenty-five children and over a hundred grandchildren. By having more wives a family has more members giving the family higher status in the village. Also these bigger families get more land and more animals to feed the family and then some. Value 2) A Masai father valued his daughters marriage, he would choose who he felt was a suitable husband. A father would go to all the surrounding villages and search for someone who had a high status for his daughter. He chose a male with two other wives because it would also benefit his family. The daughters
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