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Social Change PAper - Ryan Paur Anthro 110 MWF 2-50 Chinese...

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Ryan Paur February 17, 2010 Anthro 110; MWF 2-50 Chinese Culture Social change is when a group makes changes to their way of life. Sometimes it just happens but often a social change is for a good reason. It could be that two different groups meet for the first time where they exchanged ideas and technology. This caused a diffusion of the two different cultures resulting in the barrowing of each other’s ideas and beliefs. Other times in an effort to survive or just to make life easier cultures would use their creativity to come up with new ways to do things. China had their own ways of doing things for hundreds of years and this was by using agriculture. Though communism spread through out China so did the ideas that China needed to become more industrious and similar to western culture. Chinas culture was based off agriculture, as it had been their way of life. They would grow all their food from the land and use the lands animals. Rivers are hubs for agriculture; they provided water for planting and the soil along its banks are rich with nutrients. For these reasons the farmers tended to stick close to the waters edge. The Yangtze River, Chinas largest river, runs through the middle of China and right through the providence of Hubei. The inhabitances of Hubei speak mandarin or other indigenous languages based off mandarin. The providence consists of relatively poor farmers and fishers who use the land to make their living. This was to change though as China shifted their interest from agriculture to becoming more industrious. Chinas communist government enforces a partial ownership policy so citizens cannot sell their
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Social Change PAper - Ryan Paur Anthro 110 MWF 2-50 Chinese...

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