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Ryan Paur February 7, 2010 Anthro 110 MWF 2-50 WE # 6 For my assignment I looked at a lacrosse ad that I came across on a lacrosse web site. What they are advertising is Nike cold gear that is suppose to keep you warm even in the coldest weather. In the ad some player is taking a one handed shot, which seems very unlikely because it rarely ever happens in a game. This is the only real problem I have with this ad because it brings to your attention that he is not a lacrosse player. Maybe if they used a true lacrosse player in the ad than it would be more affective. However the point of the ad is to promote the cold gear not his shooting skills. In the ad it appears it is very cold from all the dark colors and the steam coming off him. The guy has vapor coming out from his nose and mouth, something that would only happen in the cold. I think this works very well to show who should buy their cold gear. This influences a lot of lacrosse players who play or practice at night because they are playing in the cold. When I play lacrosse I can see vapor as I exhale
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