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Unformatted text preview: Ryan Paur November 29, 2009 Primary Source: Conservatism in the 1970s History 203; Fall 2009 In the nineteen sixties American morals were less apparent and when they were they were much looser and open minded. This created a commotion that hurt the American reputation both nationally and globally. The American people had lost trust in the government and wanted to put an end to all the chaos, so political groups became more conservative. But conservatism had a bad connotation at that time, so it had to be introduced in government slowly or until it was more openly accepted. The low moral standards of the sixties had to be raised so that they would be reconfigured back to the straighter and more religious morals. During this time minorities and women had been fighting to stop discrimination and gain equality. The seventies was a time for all America to reconstruct the family morals and curtail government spending so that they may remain a world power. Family values were important to the conservative thats why they had a strong interest in the Equal Rights Amendment. The Equal Rights Amendment would give women equality in the public place. However conservatives felt it was the womens job to be a homemaker and raise the kids. Phyllis Schlafly, an advocate against the ERA, claimed the ERA would let men off the hook of their family responsibilities. 1 In the seventies womens rights groups made great 1 1 Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty! An American History , Seagull Edition (New York: W.W....
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primary source essay - Ryan Paur November 29, 2009 Primary...

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