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Ryan Paur January 22, 2010 Anthro 110 MWF 2-50 Written Exercise 3 Austin-“that sucks about the chargers loss to the jets” Jenson-“yeah, we had too. It that was a shitty outcome” Austin-“Yeah you would have won if Keading didn’t suck so much” Jenson-“You’re a dumb ass Keading is money, he just has had a tough time in playoffs after the 06 playoff loss” Austin-“Naw, he sucks”… ect. I observed two of my friends watching Sportcenter. They would get very argumentative about different games going on. For example they argued about weather Nate Kaeding is a good kicker. Austin says he sucks and how he missed all three of his field goal attempts during the chargers jets
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Unformatted text preview: game. Jenson argued how he only missed three field goals the whole season. They would use a lot of hand and arm gestures such as the swipe of their hand like in disregard. At first it was a conversation but as it became an argument their tones changed. Jenson defiantly was the angrier of the two, primarily because his team was being but down. When Austin would say something bad about the Chargers Jenson would look at Austin in the eyes and say “really? -Or are you just a dumb ass?” Finally the commercial came on and the two came to an agreement that Kaeding isn’t a very clutch player but is a good kicker....
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