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Ryan Paur 01/29/10 Anthro 110 MWF 2-50 Part 1 Ginny Fason Age 82 My mother’s mother 1) Being in Michigan with her grandparents at their lake house with her older sister, which they did a lot during the summers. 2) When there was no work for her parents and her and her sister would have to eat oatmeal all the time and would have to go to the bathroom on the cow farm. 3) During WWII they had to move around cause her father was in the navy and they would have to use ration stamps to get shoes, clothes and food. 4) As she got older her age held her back and she is loses faith in doctors, mobility, she use to be very active and now she has to use two canes 5) For everybody to get along with everyone, honesty, don’t cheat or lie, don’t follow, be kind 6) Absolutely, she would never had talked back to her mother and now kids do
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Unformatted text preview: that all the time, kids have the ability to do what they want and they dont listen to their parents 7) The old grandma Part 2 The most interesting thing to me was her stories about when they had to eat oatmeal and go to the restroom outside, because this is something she has never told me. Also about how she had to use rations to get her shoes, which took forever cause she wanted to try every pair. And about how they had to move around during the war. I think it was the most interesting for her to talk about how kids have changed over her lifetime. She definitely enjoyed talking about how she went to Michigan because it brought back good memories. And about values because she like to talk about them with me....
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