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Culture project - still worked hard at what they did Even...

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Ryan Paur Spanish 111; November 11, 2009 Mexico is the Largest City in Mexico and is a hub for millions of the countries workers. In the city there is a large gap between the rich and poor social classes. There are some rich people and opportunities are there to make a lot of money. I did not realize the caliber of the Mexican stock market and high payouts. But this wealth is controlled by the upper class and is not distributed to the lower classes. The city is different than the United States because an education does not guarantee you will have a good paying job. Companies would move their factories from Europe to Mexico City because they could find labor that was much cheaper. People would be self-employed, protecting cars and taking trash to dumps, earning around five dollars a day. Even after all the struggles the immigrants of Mexico City
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Unformatted text preview: still worked hard at what they did. Even if a man is only offered five dollars a day he will still work hard and do a quality job on what ever he maybe doing. If Mexico set laws on labor and wages then they would likely be able to lower the poverty rate. This could help the Mexican families who would squat in abandon building. There is a social class between the Native American Mexicans and the white Hispanic. Because of this the Natives are often poor and oppressed. Still the Native people stood strong for their beliefs and the customs. So much so that they were willing to go to war and give their life to fight for their rights. Mexico City is a large provider for the lower class people that immigrant from the villages and plays a large role in the world trade....
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