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ECE 2B Final Exam Review

ECE 2B Final Exam Review - FETs and BJTs Symbols and...

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ECE 2B – Final Exam Review Diode Circuits I-V characteristics Load-line analysis Approximate DC modeling (constant voltage drop model) DC circuit calculations Basic circuit applications (rectifiers, limiters, doublers) Zener diodes, LEDs Laplace Transform Methods 1 st and 2 nd -order circuit responses (time-constants, under/over/critical damping) Basic properties of Laplace transforms Circuit elements in the s-domain and initial conditions s-domain transfer functions Partial fraction expansions, special cases (repeated roots, complex poles) Initial/Final value theorems Finding time-domain responses of circuits use LT methods Transistors
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Unformatted text preview: □ FETs and BJTs □ Symbols and I-V characteristics □ Approximate DC models □ DC circuit calculations, load-line analysis □ Common DC biasing circuits (diode-connected transistor, four-resistor network) □ Use of the transistor as a switch □ Analysis of switching circuits in the s-domain Frequency Response and Filters □ Finding the frequency response from the s-domain transfer function □ Bode-plots, magnitude and phase, complex poles □ Basic filter building blocks (1 st and 2 nd-order low/high/bandpass) □ Series/Parallel Resonators – resonant frequency, Q, bandwidth □ Active filters, use of unit-gain buffers for cascading circuits...
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