Lab 5 - 2B 2010

Lab 5 - 2B 2010 - ECE 2B Lab#5 Lab 5 Timers and Oscillators...

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1 © Bob York ECE 2B Lab #5 Lab 5 Timers and Oscillators Overview This lab continues our exploration of basic transistor switching circuits to include timing circuits and oscillators. We will explore some simple multivibrator circuits using discrete transistors, comparators, and finally circuits that use the popular 555 timer chip. We will use the latter to create a simple fan speed controller using a variable duty-cycle driver. Table of Contents Pre-lab Preparation 2 Before Coming to the Lab 2 Parts List 2 Duty Cycle 3 In-Lab Procedure 4 5.1 Discrete Multivibrator Circuits 4 Manual One-Shot Timer 4 Bistable-Multivibrator or “Flip-Flop” 5 Another Monostable-Multivibrator or “One-Shot” 5 Optional: BJT-based Astable Multivibrator 6 5.2 Relaxation Oscillator with Variable Duty Cycle 7 Schmitt Trigger 7 Relaxation Oscillator Circuit 8 Variable Duty-Cycle Oscillator 9 5.3 The 555 Timer IC 10 Astable Multivibrator 10 Linear Ramp Generator 11 Fan/Motor Speed Control 11 Extra Credit: Self-Contained DC-DC Boost converter system 12
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