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Lab 6 - 2B 2010 - ECE 2B Lab#6 Lab 6 Introduction to...

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1 © Bob York ECE 2B Lab #6 Lab 6 Introduction to Digital Electronics Overview This lab continues our exploration of transistor switching circuits to include CMOS logic gates, latches, and flip-flops. We will explore simple shift-register and counter circuits using small arrays of flip-flops. We will also demonstrate a simple scheme for digital-to-analog and analog-digital conversion. Table of Contents Background information 2 Digital Logic Functions 2 Pre-lab Preparation 3 Before Coming to the Lab 3 Parts List 3 In-Lab Procedure 4 6.1 Logic Gates 4 Logic Levels and Indicators 4 CMOS Logic 4 SR Latch 5 D-flip-flop 5 6.2 Shift Registers and Counters 7 Switch Debouncing 7 Shift Register 7 Optional (Extra Credit): Ring Counter and Johnson Counter 8 Ripple Counter 8 Synchronous Counter 9 6.3 Digital-Analog Conversion 9 6.4 Extra-Credit: A Tracking Analog-Digital Converter 10
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