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Outline for Metallica - Metallica 1 Metal Culture A History...

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Metallica 1. Metal Culture A. History B. Societal standing The online book that I found about metal culture explains the history of metal and many of its bands. It goes through and tells us about the uprising of metal. It also explains the views on politics that the bands put in their music. 2. The Fans A. Behavior B. Fashion C. Everyday Life The online book that I found also touches on the fan behavior. I am currently still looking for more sources on this part. 3. The Napster Controversy A. Copyright laws B. Band vs. Fans views C. Old policy vs. new policy The sources for the topic on the Napster controversy are abundant. Of the two that I have, it explains how Metallica felt about the illegal downloads. It also explains how Metallica originally allowed fans to copy music when they started their band. Bibliography Cheplowitz, Mel. "Metallica Sues Fans and NapsterOver MP3's." Shredding Paper (2000).
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Menta, Robert. Metallica Sues Napster. 3 May 2000. 22 October 2007 <http://web.archive.org/web/20000619093118/www.mp3newswire.net/stories/2000/metallica.ht
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