The Modes of Communication

The Modes of Communication - importance in this culture...

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The Modes of Communication Communication can be described as the art of being able to exchange information between each other through several methods. These methods can be described as The Modes of Communication. These Modes consist of Orality, Literacy and The Digital Age. These modes have progressed through out time due to the technological advances that we have discovered and these modes will continue to change throughout time. Orality can be described as the Mode of Language, or the spoken technology. There are many advantages and disadvantages with this type of mode. For instance when dealing primarily with an oral culture they are not familiar with the form of script and literature. From an ethnocentric point of view people may look down on this type of culture as a less advanced and unsophisticated culture. Looking in on this culture with an ethnorelative point of view you will see that this type of culture has lots of values that are respected among those who live in the culture. For instance the older, wiser people are of great
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Unformatted text preview: importance in this culture because they have experience and know how to do what necessary to survive. But it is true that in the society we live in today we lose that sense of Family I guess you could say. Within this culture everything is stored through memory and songs which means there has to be someone who can remember how to grow food and build shelter. Im not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing but it could end up being a problem when the person responsible is no longer able to do or remember what it is that was once important to that culture. This culture also has no sense of physical storage for everything that we may find important. There are still oral based cultures today due to the fact that this theory of evolving communication is only changing to those who have the technology available to them and those who can afford it. We should consider ourselves lucky to have the ability of communication that we harness in our daily life....
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