comparafinal - INTRODUCTION The researchers opt to make a...

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INTRODUCTION The researchers opt to make a comparison with regards to the trends on the TOP TEN LEADING CAUSES OF MORTALITY AND MORBIDITY of the Philippines and United States America. Researchers are motivated to come up this topic to gain a knowledge why these countries have different trends. Are there issues involved? Obviously, the United States is at far distance with the Philippines in terms to DEVELOPMENT. Thus, researchers would like to know if this factor is the main cause of the dissimilarity. Based on the data that the researchers have gathered, there are some similarities of each country in their leading causes. In terms of morbidity, their common denominator of is hypertension. Why so? While on the other hand, common mortality causes are diseases of the heart, cancer or malignant neoplasms, pneumonia, accidents, chronic lower respiratory diseases, diabetes mellitus and kidney diseases. Researchers would like to focus why tuberculosis is an outbreak here in the Philippines and not in USA. External factors such as attempted suicides, frustrated homicide,etc is one of the main causes in the USA and not in the Philippines. Are there issues involved? This study will show the possible solutions for the causes of mortality and morbidity here in the Philippine, by acquiring an idea from the programs of the United States. Researchers would like to come up a with a recommendation that can be a guide to the Department of Health (DOH) . These morbidity and mortality trends caught the researchers’ attention because of the fact that as the trend of health changes, the medical allied professionals are involved in doing programs that can alleviate these causes. All in all , involved in the Health of the Filipino Citizens. Table 1. Leading Causes of Morbidity in the Philippines and the United States 2007 Philippines United States 1. Acute Lower Respiratory Infection and Pneumonia 2. Acute Watery Diarrhea 3. Bronchitis/ Bronchiolitis 4. Hypertension 5. Influenza 6. TB Respiratory 7. Diseases of the Heart 8. Dengue Fever 9. Malaria 10. Chickenpox 1. Heart Attack 2. Cancer 3. Stroke 4. Accidents 5. Diabetes Mellitus 6. Kidney Diseases 7. Attempted Suicide 8. Liver Diseases 9. Hypertension 10. Frustrated Homicide Table 2. Leading Causes of Mortality in the Philippines and the United States 2007 Philippines United States 1. Diseases of the Heart 2. Diseases of the Vascular System 3. Malignant Neoplasm 4. Pneumonia 5. Accidents 6. Tuberculosis, all forms 7. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases 8. Diabetes Mellitus 9. Certain Conditions Originating in the Perinatal Period 10. Nephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome and Nephrosis 1. Heart Diseases 2. Cancer 3. Stroke 4. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases 5. Accidents 6. Diabetes Mellitus 7. Alzheimer’s Disease 8. Influenza and Pneumonia 9.Nephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome and Nephrosis 10. Septicemia Review of Literature The pattern of morbidity and mortality in the Philippines, as well as in other countries, is constantly changing. The
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comparafinal - INTRODUCTION The researchers opt to make a...

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