CH 204 First Day sp2010

CH 204 First Day sp2010 - 1/26/2010 1 1 CH 204 Laboratory...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/26/2010 1 1 CH 204 Laboratory CH 204 Laboratory Spring 2010 Dr. Donna Lyon 1 2 Course Website Course Website Blackboard: c One main link for posting course materials and messages for all lab sections. CH204 Master Class Spring 2010 c All postings can be found under course documents. Course Syllabus read carefully Handouts Lecture slides Office hours 2 3 Office Hours Office Hours Dr. Lyon Tues., 1-2PM Mon., Wed. & Thurs., 10-11AM. Teaching Assistants c There are twenty-five assistants for the all the lab sections. c These assistants will alternate office hours for all the lab sections. c The office hours of the TAs have been posted on Blackboard. 3 4 Required Materials Required Materials 4 The laboratory e-manual: Leytner, S. General Chemistry Lab Manual ; Spring 2010 edition 5 Reguired Materials Reguired Materials 5 Iclicker This is a radio frequency classroom response system. The clickers will be used to collect quiz responses during lecture. YOU SHOULD BRING YOUR ICLICKER TO EVERY LECTURE . (The student version is white.) 6 Required Materials Required Materials 6 c A bound laboratory notebook with duplicate numbered pages. c Sold at the Duplicating Office in WEL 2.228 or at the Co-op or at the ACS table. c Note: there are more than one kind of bound notebook with duplicate pages that you can buy. 1/26/2010 2 7 Required Materials Required Materials c A combination lock for your lab drawer. You will need this lock today in lab when you check in. Locks can be purchased at the Duplicating Office or at the stockroom. C The locks cost $5 cash at the stockroom. c A calculator Scientific programmable or nonprogrammable 7 8 Assignment Webpage Assignment Webpage c Quest Pre-lab and post-lab assignments Grades for all the course assignments Iclicker quizzes C You must register your iclicker in Quest. 8 9 Course Assignments Course Assignments c Pre-labs Accessed and submitted through Quest. C A few questions covering the experimental material in your lab manual. Pre-labs are activated in Quest at 8:00 the week before the lecture over a particular lab....
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CH 204 First Day sp2010 - 1/26/2010 1 1 CH 204 Laboratory...

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