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TA office hours - [email protected] Wednesday 12-1 PM Wales Christina [email protected] Wednesday 2-3 PM Brad Reveal

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TA office hours, alternating weeks First Floor Welch, Cubicle C Office Hour TA Name Email Monday, 9-10 AM Jones, Gwyndolyn [email protected] Monday, 9-10 AM Vargas, Gabriela [email protected] Tuesday, 10-11 AM Anderson, Susan [email protected] Tuesday, 10-11 AM Knight, Jeff [email protected] Tuesday, 11-12 noon Chen, Xiao-Yan [email protected] Tuesday, 11-12 noon Lin, Ke-Yi [email protected] Tuesday, 3-4 PM Park, Hyun Seo [email protected] Tuesday, 3-4 PM Wittig, Michael [email protected] Tuesday, 9-10 AM Caraway, Jennifer [email protected] Tuesday, 9-10 AM Conway, Sarah [email protected] Wednesday, 1-2 PM Pinto, Leroy [email protected] Wednesday, 1-2 PM Starr, Cotton [email protected] Wednesday, 12-1 PM Biberdorf, Josh
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Unformatted text preview: [email protected] Wednesday, 12-1 PM Wales, Christina [email protected] Wednesday, 2-3 PM Brad Reveal [email protected] Wednesday, 2-3 PM Rhodes, Adam [email protected] Thursday, 1-2 PM Johnson, Travis [email protected] Thursday, 1-2 PM Villa, Monica [email protected] Thursday, 3-4 PM Chou, Andrea [email protected] Thursday, 3-4 PM Umeda, Aiko [email protected] Thursday, 9-10 AM Dasgupta, Anandaroop [email protected] Thursday, 9-10 AM Huynh, Uyen [email protected] Friday, 9-10 AM Raiford, Matt [email protected] Friday, 9-10 AM Stricker, Jake [email protected] Head TA (No office hour) Hesterberg, Travis [email protected]..
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