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Research Project How to Find Scholarly Journal Articles Scholar.google.com o Type in a person or topic Good PR journals o Journal of Public Relations Research (Dr. Russell is the editor) o Public Relations Review o Journal of Communication Management o Public Relations Journal (by PRSA) o Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly o Journal of Communication Read abstracts, notice how many other articles have cited the article you’re looking at What theory are they using, what method are they using, what specific variables did they look at, etc. About the Project
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Unformatted text preview: • Collect original data, ask a very specific question • Paper should be written in APA style • Honesty statement on front page saying everything was our own work • Introduction page is VERY important • She will help us run our statistics • No later than noon on December 7, submit entire paper in one document, the SPO and the SAV data files • She will look at what we do and edit it but only once per chapter o So only send her what we think is a final draft • Dress professionally for presentations...
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