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9.4.09 - Measurement Methods Self-report o Be careful...

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Measurement Methods Self-report o Be careful because people will lie whether to make themselves look better or to respond how they think the researcher wants them to o Hawthorne effect – researchers went to a factory to figure out how to make factory workers more efficient. They thought lighting would make a difference so every day they turned the lights up a little bit and looked at the efficiency every day which increased every day. Then they realized that the lights were so bright there was no way people could work so they did it in the opposite effect and productivity still increased. The researchers then realized that the workers were just so happy to have been chosen for a study that they were trying to do what they thought the researcher wanted. Others’ report o You could ask person about another person, but this becomes a problem because the information may not be correct because of inferences Behavioral acts o Actually watching someone o
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