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9.28 - o Do not mix methods can’t do a pen& paper and...

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Survey Rely on self-report o Problem: people lie! Lie to make themselves look better Lie to give the researcher the answers they want Investigates relationship/correlation between concepts o Cannot prove causation through a survey o Can show a relationship (correlation) between items; when one item goes up, another goes up at the same time Look at how large groups think/act o Easy to generalize because you can do such large numbers o Quick and inexpensive to perform a survey Only as good as your sample and collection procedures o If you only survey one set of people (students in PR classes, etc.) your sample is flawed o Make sure everyone in the target population has equal opportunity to participate
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Unformatted text preview: o Do not mix methods: can’t do a pen & paper and online version of the same research project Types of Survey Research • Political polls – pulse of public opinion • Evaluation research – program o Formative – before HUGELY IMPORTANT IN PR! RPIE – research, planning, implementation, evaluation • Research begins and ends the campaign process o Summative – after o Need analysis – what would you like? o Audit and organize feedback survey • Market research – evaluating product and levels of consumption o Readership survey o Audience ratings...
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