10.5 - So how do you do it • Create definitions o Define...

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Content Analysis Berelson’s (1952, p. 18) definition o Content analysis is a research technique for the objective, systematic and quantitative description of manifest content of communication o Manifest content means the exact written words, not inferring the meaning behind those words “what you see is what you get” Krippendorff (1980) emphasized “inference” Assignment Due 10.12 Code with Berelson’s definition First set of circle answers is “does it include this concept”, second set is does it SPECIFICALLY use this word Benefits Analyze large data sets (sample) Data readily available Conducted quickly, cheaply Unobtrusive method of analysis Accounts for content of items Generalizeable No IRB! Disadvantages Communication must be recorded Rigid categories may overlook insight Difficulty in implementing (sampling, Inter-Coder Reliability [ICR])
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Unformatted text preview: So how do you do it? • Create definitions o Define what should be coded (inclusion statement) o Define what should be excluded (exclusion statement) o Define categories (each variable in code book) • Train coders • Assess inter-coder reliability Practice: Media Scanning • In real life PR jobs, we use clips • Create Google Alerts • Published articles – Lexis-Nexis • Scan Google news for informal content analysis • Blogs – IceRocket, Addictomatic • Twitter – TweetScan, search.twitter.com • Other social media monitoring tools Formal Steps from Kaid 1. Formulate RQs & hypos 2. Select sample 3. Define categories 4. Outline coding process, train coders 5. Implement coding process 6. Determine reliability and validity 7. Analyze results...
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10.5 - So how do you do it • Create definitions o Define...

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