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10.13 - o All string variables to start o All 255...

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Recoding String into Numeric Save file, save a new copy under a new name so you can go back to the original if need be Analyze > Descriptive States > Frequencies – on variables you’re about to recode (quality assurance check) Identify the exact string text o Is it strongly agree or Strongly Agree ? o Case sensitive Transform > Recode Into Same Variable Pull over variable, click old and new values Type in string text on right, number value on left Press OK, press OK Look over data to make sure it is correct Change type, width Add values Run frequencies again to check (finish QA) Save ***Note*** all capitalized words are buttons on the SPSS program Importing Survey Data (Hard Way) Download “all responses” and “condensed” from Survey Monkey Open XLS file in Excel Create new SPSS file
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Unformatted text preview: o All string variables to start o All 255 characters wide to start • Copy one column of data at a time, paste down into SPSS column • Name variable, create label • Recode nominal labels into numeric values • Change to “numeric” • Add values (1=female, 2=male) • Save Importing Survey Monkey Data (Easy Way) • Download “all resps.” “condensed,” “actual value” • Open SPSS • File > Read Text Data • Browse all file types to import shet_1.csv • NO = text file does not match a predefined format • DELIMITED arrangement, NO variable names at the top of file • First case begins at line 3 (verify), import ALL OF THE CASES • Delimiters are COMMA only • Define variable type, name, label and value in variable view – SAVE OFTEN!...
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