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BONUS Wear orange and blue on Wednesday to class Setting up SPSS File How many variables do you have? What type of variables will they be? Go into variable view and define: o Name: give short name < 8 characters o Type: numeric or string o Label: long label o Value: define numeric values for nominal variables o Missing data: use if applicable, excludes cases Your “bible” – take a blank survey and name each variable o Give them similar names if they are similar concepts Ex. If you are using the relationship management scale, called the first item REL1 and then REL2, REL3, etc. Ex. Content analysis group, usefulness of information item one is USE1, then USE 2, etc. Looking at SPSS Program Data view – shows each of our items (each blog) Variable view – define each variable o Name – short, no spaces o Type – numeric (only numbers will show up), dollar, date, string option allows for words (fill in the
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Unformatted text preview: blank) o Width – number of characters allowed in answer o Decimals – whether or not you want decimals o Label – long, descriptive name o Values – sets a numerical value for a variable Ex. 1= male, 2 = female Ex. Likert Scale, 1= strongly disagree, 2 = disagree, 3 = neutral, 4 = agree, 5 = strongly agree Ex. Honest to dishonest scale, don’t even have to fill in the value Ex. Present/absent, 1 = present, 0 = absent Make sure that you change scales if they were reversed in the survey so that they all start with bad first o Missing – click discrete, then type 88 which lets us know that the information is missing 88 is a number that means “no answer”, it just means that it is missing and can be used in any category o Columns...
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