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10.28 - o Ex 300(N people participated 161(n are female Chi...

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Frequencies (in SPSS) Descriptive How often something occurs, “head count” Number in each cell or group Analyze > descriptive > frequencies ( buttons on SPSS) I.e. major, gender, etc. 99 is often used for “don’t know” so that these answers don’t affect data set When you are just looking at nominal level data, the statistics box doesn’t matter Frequency table tells descriptive about the variable o Percent = actual percents, always adds up to 100%, includes every single person who filled it out o Valid percent = percent of the total, excludes missing, still adds up to 100%, only counts people who answered the question o Cumulative percent = not used If you double-click on the box you can edit the table or see the full number What does it look like in a table? A big N = total number of people in the study A lowercase n = number of people in a subcategory
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Unformatted text preview: o Ex. 300 (N) people participated, 161 (n) are female Chi Square & Crosstabs • Nonparametric • Nominal variables • Expected v. observed • Can assume equal occurrence • Can compare differences in cell size for two nominal variables • Analyze > descriptive statistics > cross tabs ( buttons on SPSS) o In the crosstabs pop-up box click stats: check chi square o The click cells: check percentages (all) and observed • Ex. You might do gender against political ID (Gender * PID) to see if men are more likely to be democrats, etc. • P-value = probability, significance o P≤.05 o A quality p value (less than .05) shows you that your results are due to something other than chance • In chi-square table: o We care about Asymp. Sig. which should be less than .05...
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