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Alli Dawson January 31, 2010 2b The Female Body (writing #3) Everywhere we see advertising. Someone wanting us to buy the newest car or shoes; any company that wants to sell is advertising to people like us. In order to increase sales, companies increase not only the quantity but also the quality of their advertising. Sex and the female body are being used more and more to exemplify the quality of advertising. When you are walking through the mall, driving down the highway, or sitting in the comfort of your own home it is likely you will see a female in a bikini, racy clothes, or next to nothing. Not only that but they will be thin, golden bronze, and the epitome of what people desire. Women desire to look like that Victoria’s Secret Model on television or the Covergirl’s they see on the latest magazines. This makes the use of the female body a perfect sales technique. People think, if I buy clothes here I’ll look like this or if I purchase this magazine I’ll learn new ways to look like the girls I see on the front. Not
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