history of life cheat sheet test 1

history of life cheat sheet test 1 - Uniformitarianism: the...

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Uniformitarianism: the stuff we see today happened in past. Time’s immense. Catastrophism: events in earth history had occurred in the past a sudden events and by processes unlike those operating today. Lamarck : spontaneous generation , organic flux , no extinction, inheritance of acquired traits. Cuvier: not linear, extinction, no organic flux. Evolution: Descent w/ modification, variations in species, homology, vestigal features, biogeography, fossil record, nested hierarchy, natural selection, genetic drift. Limiting factors: terrestrial- moisture/temp, gravity, light, nutrients. Aquatic- light, energy, salinity, nutrients. Replication: info stored in molecules (DNA, RNA) passed genetically w/ random mistakes, and set of instructions to interpret molecules (genetic code ). RNA paradox: RNA carries genetic info and RNA acts as an enzyme(ribozymes) ; catalyzes own replication. Organic building blocks origins: Osparin - aminos, fatty acids, sugars, nucleic acids produced by chem. Reactions. Miller/Urey - Electric current through simulated early earth. Made ‘geo-junk’ rich in amino acids and sugars. Chyba/Sagan - comets rich in organic molecules. Molecules come from space and interplanetary dust. Dehydration Reactions: hooking up building blocks with water molecules as by products. Prebiotic Pizza: Clay minerals concentrate building blocks out of solution and catalyze. Proto-metabolism: dehydration occurs on mineral surfaces where other energy releasing chem. Reactions are occurring. Prebiotic Foam: Lipid and protein bubbles trap and concentrate molecules. Ice Beer Model: Freezing concentrates molecules. Chemical Fossils: Biomarkers : organic molecules characteristic of particular groups. Isotope Tracers: distinctive sorting of isotopes by biochemical reactions. Pristane and Phytane: Decomposed chlorophyll(3.55 Gyr). Steranes: derived from Sterols (lipids): Cell walls of Eukaryotes(2.7 Gyr).
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history of life cheat sheet test 1 - Uniformitarianism: the...

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