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Samuel A. Cordeiro HST 103-01 Hammurabi’s Law Code 1) Under the Hammurabi’s Law Code, if someone harbors a runaway slave, they will be executed. 2) Under the Hammurabi’s Law Code, Law numbers 98, 104, and 106 are related to business. 3) Under the Hammurabi’s Law Code, I would say women do have rights because for any reason if they feel they are being mistreated or misused by her husband, if it can be proven she has the right to leave him. Also, if something fatal happen to her husband, she may enter the home of another, with no blame incurred by the wife.
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Under the Hammurabis Law Code, if someone lies in court the person will be put to death. 5) I say that the Hammurabis Law Code is not fair. I believe this because apparently, for most of the crimes, the punishment is death. I take life very seriously because there is only one, and I believe everyone should have an opportunity to repent and get their life straightened out, not dismissing their punishment, but with another form of punishment besides death....
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