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Cordeiro 1 Samuel A. Cordeiro MIS 101- 02 Professor Singleton March 31, 2008 The Charlton Story The Charlton Story is a book about a great American leader and entrepreneur, Earle Perry Charlton. Charlton was born in Connecticut in 1863. He left home as a teenager to travel around New England working for a merchant based in Boston. After several years, he formed a partnership with Seymour Knox to form a chain of 5 and 10-cent stores, Knox and Charlton 5 and 10. Charlton’s flagship store was in Fall River, MA, where he would settle with his wife Ida (1868-1957) to raise their family. Eventually the partnership dissolved and Charlton began spreading E.P. Charlton & Co. stores into Canada and the western United States. Earle Perry Charlton had a great vision for his business. He noticed that New England and the northeastern coast were all filled with friendly competition so he decided to remain in business and eventually go north to Canada, He did not limit himself to just his own country. He saw his business as an international business and he expanded rapidly with great success. Mr. Charlton showed a very high energy level in everything he ventured into. Between 1899 and 1911, he opened 10 entirely new stores on his own. He expanded to the opposite end of the country. After he earned great wealth and liberation from “The Great Merger” he felt that life was just starting. With all that wealth, he could have just invested and retired. Mr. Charlton did not do that, he began searching for new business opportunities and he still attended Woolworth board meeting and executive committee meetings.
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Cordeiro 2 Mr. Charlton had a great need to achieve in his life. Not only did he strive to become a successful businessman, he also strived to become a successful industrialist. While he was busy expanding his stores west, he also began financing and organizing the Charlton Mill. The largest mill was built right in Fall River. The mill made cotton cloths of the highest quality. Charlton became the most enthusiastic organizer, the highest investor, and eventually the president. When America suffered a post war recession, most textiles mills were operating at half capacity. The Charlton Mill was able to operate at greater economies and continued to prosper well into the Great Depression. He was not just satisfied with achieving in one business, he wanted to achieve
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The Charlton Story - Cordeiro 1 Samuel A Cordeiro MIS 101...

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