quiz 4 - shipping, those who provide for the materials,...

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Samuel A. Cordeiro CHM 130-03 November 5, 2007 Quiz #4 1) The commons in my example is “sending jobs overseas.” 2) The positive components in my example are low costs for production, especially labor costs. The business owners and administrators make out well, making a lot of money selling the products made, and a very low production costs compared to if it was compared in the United States. 3) The negative components in my example are the loss of many jobs for the common people. Those who work in the factories or the production industries are laid-off and eventually fired because they have no job. All their work is sent overseas, where the same job, sometimes better quality and sometimes worse quality are made. Not just the people who work in the production industry are affected but all those who help the production of it, maintenance of the building,
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Unformatted text preview: shipping, those who provide for the materials, etc. 4) The ultimate outcome will be economic depressions. Many people will, as is seen now, will be unemployed. Many will go to college, which is a great thing; however, there will not be enough jobs for all the students graduating in the future, many will be unemployed. As a result from that, many will go on Welfare and receive financial support from the government, and the government eventually will not be able to afford all the resources to help all those in financial need. 5) The “tragedy of the commons” to me, is the conflict between a situation where what is for the best interest of an individual and what is of best interest for the common good, for all the is influenced....
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quiz 4 - shipping, those who provide for the materials,...

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