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First Exam: Economics 388, Econometrics Spring 2009 in R. Butler’s class YOUR NAME:________________________________________ Section I (30 points) Questions 1-10 (3 points each) Section II (40 points) Questions 11-15 (10 points each) Section III (30 points) Question 16 (20 points each) Section I. Define or explain the following terms (3 points each) 1. law of large numbers- 2. method of moments (estimation criteria) - 3. central limit theorem- 4. sample regression vs. population regression function- 5. formula for a F-test (or “Chow” test) of linear restrictions (in a regression context)- 6. orthogonal projection - 7. “VIF” option in STATA or SAS- 8. “estat sum” command in STATA- 9. probability significance values (i.e., ‘p-values’)- 10. Var( w ) where w is a nx1 vector of random variables- 1
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II. Some Concepts 11. Indicate whether the following statement is True, False or Uncertain and explain why. You are graded only on the explanation for your answer. “For the simple regression population model
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e388_exam1_spr2009 - First Exam: Economics 388,...

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