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CORE MARKETING - happens the next step is to identify its...

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What is Core Marketing? Marketing is a social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and values with others. (Philip Kotler) There are many important aspects of marketing. Marketing can be defined as the process of creating, pricing, distributing and promoting goods, services or ideas to better have an exchange relationship with customers where both sides obtain what they want. Basically, it involves creating the right product, at the right price, putting it in the right place with the right promotion in order to make your customers, or target market , happy and satisfied with the result. The process of core marketing goes like this: first a target market or customer base is selected where the behavior and demographics of a group is evaluated. After that
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Unformatted text preview: happens, the next step is to identify its needs and wants to the most specific level possible. Next a product or service is created to meet that target market’s demand. Then after that product is developed it should be placed in the right environment where it meets the level of quality expected and it should also be placed at the right value where customers feel satisfied. Finally the exchange with the customer takes place, this is where the customer decides to buy our product or service and a relationship between the provider or seller and the target market is formed. Hopefully if all of these steps are executed in the appropriate way it should signal repeat business. 1...
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