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Algorithms Your algorithm will only need to ask the user what the product name they want is, and how many they want . Later on your program will “look up” the price and discount automatically without needing to ask the user to enter them. - After receiving the product name and the quantity ask the customer to confirm their order with the following statement: [Customer Name] you ordered [Quantity] of [Product Name]. Is this correct? - If the user does not confirm the order (ie wants to cancel the order), your program will print out the following message before ending: Refresh the page to reload and place a new order.
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Unformatted text preview: -Your algorithm will look up the price and discount for the product. If the price and discount are not found for the product entered by the customer print out the following message before ending the program: Sorry, [Customer Name]. You entered an invalid product. Refresh the page to reload and place the order again-if you had a valid product entered your program can continue as it did in the first assignment (ie move toward the last step that prints out the subtotal) 1. Start 2. Input: product name (P) 3. Input: quantity of product (Q) 4....
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