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Unformatted text preview: r coming out of the shower head when the shower control valve is 50% open. b. (5 pts) Comment (briefly) on how you expect the volume flow rate to change if: (i) the shower control valve was 75% open, or (ii) the water pressure leading to the bathroom increases to 80 psig Assume: The diameter of all the segments is the same (1.125” ID). Ignore gravitational effects and any frictional loss due to a shower head. Note: If you use an iterative approach, please complete at least one full iteration. Do not rely on an initial guess to arrive at your final solution. A few potentially useful conversion factors: ρwater = 0.03605 lb/in3; μwater = 0.0000498 lb/(in sec); 1 gpm = 0.1337 ft3/min -5- Name: ______________________________ 4. (25 pts) In a centrifugal pump, the volume flow rate Q is a function of the rotation rate of the pump impeller ω, the pump diameter D, the fluid density ρ, viscosity μ, and the pressure rise across the pump Δp. a. (12pts) Express the volume flow rate in dimensionless form and find the dimensionless parameters on which it depends. Please do not use viscosity in your core group. b. (13pts) After a series of experiments, it is found that the pump performance is insensitive to the fluid viscosity, hence we may ignore the viscosity parameter. How would you redesign the pump to double the volume flow rate for the same pressure rise? -6- Name: ______________________________ EXTRA PAGE 1 -7- Name: ______________________________ EXTRA PAGE 2 -8- Name: ______________________________ EXTRA PAGE 3 -9- ...
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