PS_6 - m/hr • Find the power(in hp required for a 55...

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ChBE 421 Problem Set #6 Fall 2009 1. In designing a spray coating system, it is known that the behavior of a droplet as it strikes the surface is a function of liquid density, viscosity, surface tension, droplet size, droplet velocity, and surface roughness (characterized by a length scale e). The coating liquid is rather expensive, so you decide to run some preliminary test with water. You have the following information concerning the physical properties of the coating liquid: ρ = ρ H2O , μ = 2.1 ∙μ H2O , σ = 1.8 ∙σ H2O . How would you select drop size and velocity and surface roughness relative to specified values in the actual application? 2. A liquid reactant ( ρ = 68 lbm/ft 3 , μ = .003 lb m /ft s) is pumped from a holding tank at atmospheric pressure through 1900 ft of 5" ID steel pipe and into a reactor at an absolute pressure of 4.5 atm. The reactor is at a level 85 ft below the holding tank. The mass flow rate is 127,000 lb
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Unformatted text preview: m /hr • Find the power (in hp) required for a 55% efficient pump. 3. Air at 30 °C ( ρ = 1.18 kg/m 3 , μ = 1.85 × 10 – 5 kg/m ∙ s) flows through 250 m of 27 cm × 85 cm galvanized steel duct at a rate of 0.18 m 3 /sec. • Find the pressure drop. Roughness e = .046 mm 4. Nitrogen at 50 °C flows through a packed bed of particles at a rate of 200 kg/hr. The bed is 13 cm in diameter, 36 cm high and has porosity 0.48. The particles have specific surface 8.1 cm –1 . • Find the pressure drop 5. A pipeline 22 miles long delivers 5000 barrels of oil per day. The discharge pressure is p ATM and the pressure drop in the pipeline is 450 psi g . • Find the capacity of the pipeline if a parallel length of identical pipe is laid over the last 12 miles of the line . The pressure drop remains the same and the flow is laminar. • Find the pressure at the junction where the new pipe is added. Friction Factor Chart:...
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PS_6 - m/hr • Find the power(in hp required for a 55...

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