04 Large WAN Lab Manual

04 Large WAN Lab Manual - Lab 4: Changing Frame Relay PVC...

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Lab 4: Changing Frame Relay PVC Speeds in a WAN Environment Objective This lab investigates the performance of applications across a Wide Area Network. We examine how changing the speeds of Frame Relay PVCs impacts application performance. Overview Standard Chartered Bank has 70 branches, a Headquarters building, and the Richmond Processing Center. To connect the sites, the bank has a three-tier network. First, individual branches are connected to regional routers. Second, the regional routers are connected to Verizon’s Frame Relay cloud. This Frame Relay cloud has an internal ATM backbone. One result of this arrangement is that each branch does not need separate PVC to the Richmond Processing Center. First, the only PVCs are between each the regional router and the ATM core. Second, the intermediation of the ATM core means that the Richmond Processing Center only needs single PVC to the ATM core. This is very different from pure Frame Relay networks, which would require separate PVC from the Processing Center to each branch or at least each regional router. Initially, the regional branch office router PVCs have committed information rates (CIRs) of 64 kbps and may send data bursts up to 128 kbps. The access links between the regional routers and the Frame Relay Cloud run at 256 kbps. The Frame Relay connection between the Processing Center and the Frame Relay cloud runs on a T1 access link. It has a CIR of 1 Mbps. Our goal is to study the response time for file sharing and file transfer applications over different frame relay contracts between the bank and Verizon. Lab Instructions
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04 Large WAN Lab Manual - Lab 4: Changing Frame Relay PVC...

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