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Study Questions DNA, RNA, Transcription and Translation 1. What molecules make up a nucleotide? 2. Which of these make up the backbone of the double helix of DNA? 3. What holds the 2 strands of DNA together? 4. Describe 3 ways in which DNA differs from RNA. 5. Describe the process of DNA replication. What does semi-conservative mean, with respect to DNA replication? What is a replication bubble? 6. How can the entire genome be replicated during the relatively short S phase of the cell cycle?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. How accurate is DNA replication? How are mistakes detected and repaired? 8. Why are telomeric sequences lost during DNA replication? 9. Define, in general terms, transcription and translation. 10. What is a codon? What is an anticodon? 11. What is the genetic code? How does it provide evidence for a common origin of life? 12. Name 3 kinds of RNA and describe the function of each kind. 13. What 3 functions does DNA perform? 14. What is a mutation? What can cause a mutation?...
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