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Study Questions Viruses 1. What components make up a virus? 2. Describe the infection cycle of a bacterial virus. 3. Describe the infection cycle of a lysogenic animal virus. 4. Explain why viruses have been called “parasitic nucleic acids”. 5. Describe a retrovirus. Why are retroviruses an exception to the “usual” flow of genetic information? 5. Why is reverse transcriptase a target for antiviral drugs? 6. What is HIV? What is AIDS? 7. Why is there so much concern about avian flu, which has infected wild and domestic
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Unformatted text preview: birds in Southeast Asia? 8. Describe 4 beneficial uses for viruses. 9. What is the purpose of virotherapy? Why are viruses used to deliver treatment? 10. What is a prion? Name a disease that it can cause. 11. Describe the major steps of gene therapy. 12. What is a knockout gene? 13. What type of disorders are best suited for gene therapy? 14. Explain 3 factors that affect choice of vectors for gene therapy....
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