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Study Questions Gene Expression 1. Why are mechanisms to control gene expression necessary? 2. What is an operon? In what type of organism is it found? 3. What is the specific purpose of an operon? 4. Describe each of these: repressor, promoter, operator, structural gene 5. If an operon contained several structural genes which coded for enzymes necessary for the synthesis of a product, which of these situations would you expect to find? a. the product binds to the repressor and enables it to bind to the operator. b. the product binds to the repressor and prevents it from binding to the operator, 6. What is an activator? What types of molecules does it bind to? 7. What is an enhancer? Where is it located, relative to a gene under its control?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. What are transcription factors? Where do they act in the cell? 9. How do eukaryotes control genes of a single metabolic pathwway? 10. What is the major control point of gene expression in eukaryotes? Why? 11. What are two differences in gene control mechanisms in eukaryotes compared to prokaryotes? 12. What is alternative splicing of mRNA? What is the result? 13. In what ways is the process of translation used to control gene expression? 14. How does chromosome structure affect gene expression? 15. What is a transposon? In what way does their existence change our view of genomes? 16. Define gene. Why does this definition include DNA which is not translated into proteins?...
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