SQ-Defenses, Immune System

SQ-Defenses, Immune System - Study Questions Body Defenses...

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Study Questions – Body Defenses and Immune System 1. Many microorganisms live on epithelial tissues of humans, many of which are bacteria. Some of these are _________________ and cause disease. Describe 2 positive contributions they can make to human health. 2. Why can antibiotics affect bacteria but not damage our cells? (p208) 3. What are the components of a virus? How do they reproduce? How do they cause disease in human cells? (p190) 4. A _________, the cause of BSE , alias “Mad Cow Disease”, is a _____________ that is misfolded. By some mechanism, this particle is infectious and causes _____________ _________________________________ inside brain neurons. How is it spread? (p191) 5. Describe 3 major functions of the lymphatic system. (sec. 9.2) 6. Describe the route that interstitial fluid would take if it is NOT transferred into venous capillaries, but goes into the lymph system. What forces move it through the lymph system? (Sec 9.2) 7. What occurs within lymph nodes? What is the product? (sec 9.2) 8. List 3 other components of the lymphatic system and their primary functions in body defense. (sec 9.2, Fig. 9.4) 9. Why can people survive without a spleen? (p193) 10. Make a table showing the 3 lines of defense used by our bodies to fight disease. Why is the third line called the immune system?
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SQ-Defenses, Immune System - Study Questions Body Defenses...

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