SQ DNA, translation B130

SQ DNA, translation B130 - 12 What is the genetic code How...

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Study Questions DNA, RNA, Transcription and Translation 1. Describe the structure of the double helix of DNA. What part contains genetic information? 2. Compare DNA to RNA and describe 3 ways in which DNA differs from RNA. 3. Describe the process of DNA replication. 4. How can the entire genome be replicated during the relatively short S phase of the cell cycle? 5. How accurate is DNA replication? How are mistakes detected and repaired? 6. Diagram and explain the relationship between replication, transcription, and translation. Where does each process occur within the cell? 7. What are the products of transcription? What is required as input? 8. How does a promoter region affect transcription? 9. What is the product of translation? What components are required for translation to occur? 10. Name 3 kinds of RNA and describe how each kind contributes to translation. 11. What is a codon? What is an anticodon? Codons are part of _____________ molecules and anticodons are part of ________________molecules.
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Unformatted text preview: 12. What is the genetic code? How does it provide evidence for a common origin of life? 13. What is a mutation? What can cause a mutation? 14. Explain why some mutations cause major disorders and others have no effect on phenotype. 15. Why are mechanisms to control gene expression necessary? 16. Explain which molecules these terms refer to and how they interact to control transcription: activator, enhancer, transcription factors. 17. How do eukaryotes control separate genes of a single metabolic pathway? 18. What is the major control point of gene expression in eukaryotes? Why? 19. What is alternative splicing of mRNA? What is the result? 20. In what ways is the process of translation used to control gene expression? 21. How does chromosome structure affect gene expression? 22. Which molecules in a cell constitute the genotype? Which molecules determine the phenotype? 23. Define gene. Why does this definition include DNA which is not translated into proteins?...
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SQ DNA, translation B130 - 12 What is the genetic code How...

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