BIO 208 Chapter 3 Reading Assignment

BIO 208 Chapter 3 Reading Assignment - cells. Antibacterial...

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Reading Assignment Chapter 3 - Cell Structure and Function This chapter describes the anatomy of procaryotic and eucaryotic cells. Bacteria are procaryotic cells. Humans on the other hand consist of eucaryotic cells. There are some major differences between these two cell types. Structures found exclusively in procaryotic cells make ideal target structures for antibacterial drugs. For example, the ribosomes in procaryotic cells differ from those found in eucaryotic
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Unformatted text preview: cells. Antibacterial drugs have been designed that will specifically target the procaryotic ribosomes while leaving the eucaryotic ribosomes unharmed. As you work through this chapter, make a checklist of the structures that are unique to bacteria. When you begin to read chapters 9 and 10, bring out that list and use it to identify the targets of many of the most commonly used antibiotics....
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