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Reading Assignments Chapter 11 This particular module has been divided into two sections: Module 11a - Microbial Nutrition and Growth I; and Module 11b - Identification and Classification of Microorganims (Microbial Nutrition and Growth II. These chapters/ modules discuss the classification and identification of microorganisms. The identification of a disease-causing bacterium is often the first step in the treatment of a disease. Microbiologists must first isolate a pure culture of the disease-causing organism. Not an easy task, as many different species of bacteria live in or on an individual at any one time and only one of them may be the disease-causing
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Unformatted text preview: one. Chapter 6 discusses several methods used to obtain pure cultures. Once the disease-causing organism has been isolated it must be identified using a series of tests (staining procedures, biochemical tests, etc). Using the results of many different tests and a flow chart (or other reference material) the organism is then identified. As you work through this module you will notice that some of the content is a brief review of material contained in previous modules....
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