business plan - The Operational Plan Our Location We are...

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Our Location We are located in Dorchester, Dorset which is along the South Coast of England. As we are a mail order company then our location is irrelevant to the success of the business. To keep our overheads at an absolute minimum we work from home and will continue to do so in the short term. We have converted one of the rooms in our home into an office. Client Support Should our clients have any queries, then telephone support will be available throughout the completion of their business plan. We will only be too pleased to assist with anything from how to answer a particular question to whom the client should approach for finance. No charge will be made for this support and it is available to the client for an unlimited period of time. Service Plan All business plans need to be updated on a regular basis either biannually or preferably annually. We will maintain a client database and contact them shortly before their plan is due for renewal. After a client has used our services once, we aim to be able to provide them with our services for the duration of their business. As it is a service we provide, then after sales support is not an issue. However we will stay in contact with all our clients and hope they will use our services again. Distribution Methods As the geographical area of our target market is nationwide we will use the Royal Mail for all our client correspondence. Our business and marketing plans are light documents so our carriage costs only represent a small percentage of turnover. We will guarantee the client a service to compile their business and marketing plans within 14 days following the receipt of the completed questionnaire. This is exactly half the delivery lead time quoted by our competitors. Making The Sale In an ideal world every enquiry would turn into a sale with the client completing the application form and returning it to us. However, as we do not live in an ideal world then we will have to work hard to achieve our sales targets. If after a week we have not had a response from a prospect, then a follow up telephone call will be made to determine if the client is genuinely interested in our service. We estimate that for every three responses we get, one will develop into an order. We will accept an initial 10 per cent deposit to compile a business plan. Then 50 per cent of the balance will be required when the questionnaire is returned and the remaining 40 per cent only when the client has received the plan and is completely satisfied with the service. Samples Sample business and marketing plans will be produced for members of the press as they request them. This will enable them to see exactly the service we offer and they will hopefully be able to include an appropriate article in their publication. Should they request it, clients will be sent sample pages of text so they can see the style and quality of our work. Packaging
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business plan - The Operational Plan Our Location We are...

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