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Charles Cruz English quiz - that since he dreamt that he...

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Charles Cruz Mrs. Tracey Sangster ENGL 112-9 T/TH-12:30-1:45 March 2, 2010 Logical Fallacies Quiz The following statements are examples of common errors in logic (logical fallacies) identify the errors in the following statements. 1. A lawyer for a policeman argues that the charges of physical abuse are absolutely untrue because the police would never do something like that. Begging the question: the writer is presenting as truth that police would never engage in physical abuse when it is not yet proven by the argument. 2. “Don’t Listen to her. She’s silly.” Argument ad hominem: the writer is attacking the opponent’s character rather than the argument, by stating that she is silly. 3. I know I’ll win the lottery: I saw it in a dream last night. Post hoc, ergo propter : this fallacy occurs when we mistake a temporal connection for a causal relationship. In this statement, the writer assumes
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Unformatted text preview: that since he dreamt that he would win the lottery he would actually win it. He is being superstitious, and most of our superstitions are post hoc fallacies. 4. “The reason it’s raining so heavily today is because I forgot to bring my umbrella.” • Non sequitur : the non sequitur fallacy states that the writer’s conclusion is not necessarily a logical result of the facts. The writer’s conclusion here that it rained (RESULT) because he forgot his umbrella (FACT) is not a logical conclusion. 5. We should ban boxing, or else young men will be senselessly killed. • Either/or: the writer here tries to convince the readers that there are only two sides to the issue of boxing, we either ban it or young men will be senselessly killed....
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