edci - Midterm based on all of the readings -themes and...

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Midterm based on all of the readings -themes and concepts -populations and how they were affected -educational philosophy readings are on test -history of higher education is also on test (3 questions) -short answers, definitions, multiple choice test ACTS (major governemental ones) TRUE / FALSE COMPARE / CONTRAST (short answer) 20 QUESTIONS o LOUISIANA EDUCATION o Ned Sublette wrote “The world that Made New Orleans” and “The Year Before the Flood- the Story of New Orleans” o Spanish was influential, also France, but not Britain o Iberville and Bienville: had a long time goal for trade and commerce Iberville set up the colony of N.O brought a Jesuit priest named Duru Iberville passed his seat to his brother Bienville They founded the south plan did not include education, just a church Spanish used apprenticeships to learn trades first regulized system o War betwen religious education vs. Secular education Capuchins and Jesuits Company of the Indies made a contract with the Capuchins to build schools residence as school for 12 people at a time Anyone could go to school, even slaves b/c of black code The Jesuits, lead by Loyola, were education based pope removed them 1727, Ursuline Sisters were Spanish nuns brought to teach Capuchin school failed but the Ursuline school was successful Emily Clark wrote about the Ursuline Sisters o 1805, Governor Claiborn set up the Claiborn building wanted to set up the University of Louisiana with colleges a place to learn and to live for 9yr – 22yr olds thought America would fund a huge university but really he got a 4 room building He set up an advertising campaign o 1842, Sisters of the Holy Family, octaroon (1/8 black) woman Henriette Delille set up schools for black women mulatos were half black half white o 1830, Jefferson College was set up for Plantation owner’s sons to keep young adults from leaving America closed in 1880 and reopened under a new name and that didn’t work
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Val Coreme was a philanthropist who bought everything built a chapel and dedicated it to his two deceased children turned it over to his brother-in-laws they made the school free for relatives of the “royal family” It failed and the Jesuits reopened it as “Manreasa House of Retreat” for silent retreat o Medical college of Louisiana closed and became the Univ. of LA Paul Tulane wanted the school to be agricultural school uses the money for the arts and named it after him LSU is chartered through the state and so is Tulane ULL is the Univ. of Louisiana “at laffyette” o 1848, close to the civil war, a college was proposed in northern Louisiana: Centenary College 1846 in Shreveport had been in Jackson and was moved o “sugar bowl” was a stadium in NOLA and was torn down and the superdome was to be built There was no land except a cemetery cemetery was
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edci - Midterm based on all of the readings -themes and...

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